Tuesday, October 18, 2011






A solemn farewell to the infamous MARS BAR.

Years ago this place became my home, the only thing keeping me from starving my skinny ass off.  I am forever indebted to this last pillar of the true 1960's artists' New York.  Dingy and dark, a no man's land with a juke box that would bring any rock n roller to their knees.  Farewell my sweet love, you will be missed.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DEC. 3RD 2010

With an artful eye for composition legendary Punk Photographer Edward Colver eloquently documented the birth of the Los Angeles Punk Movement. Capturing an energy, talent, and rebellion that has yet to be seen again. His personal emergence in the scene helped him create some of the most long standing iconic images in punk music. Join us for a look through his lens and into this captivating mise-en-scène that grasped a generation and ravaged the norms of the time.